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Automotive Designer

28 ans

Situation professionnelle

En recherche active

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Designer transport et mobilité
Jeune diplômé
Non renseigné
Type de contrat
- Designer
- Automobile, constructeurs,équipementiers

Expériences professionnelles

Transportation & innovation designer (internship)

Dassault Systèmes , Velizy villacoublay - Stage

De Janvier 2017 à Juillet 2017

During my internship at Dassault Systemes, I sketched and ideated on an airplane for a startup. I worked in partnership with Renault on an urban smart vehicle and I learned 3D modeling on 3Dexperience plateform / Catia.

Transportation & innovation designer (internship)

Nexter systems , versailles - Stage

De Avril 2014 à Juillet 2014

During my 3nd year, I was intern for Nexter . Nexter Systems mission is to meet the needs of army forces all around the world, through the design. I worked on lot of confidentials projects on transportation departement. I also sketched product design for a drone

Formation complémentaire

Designer Industriel

Strate - transport et mobilité

2011 à 2016

During my 5 years I studied design innovation, design thinking and lot of skills to formalize my own ideas and communicate with people. I’m specialize in transportation design but I also received an Introduction to packaging, product and interaction design.

Parcours officiels

Strate – Design – Mobilité – 2017 – Design


3d Alias Designer
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